I think romantic comedy, when done right, is my favorite genre. It’s just a genre that’s very human. Bridesmaids had a pink poster, and I loved it — and I don’t want to call out any movie specifically, but there is a certain kind of film that is not fun to me in a guilty-pleasure way, and there is a certain kind of chick-lit book that isn’t even fun to me in a guilty-pleasure way, because I don’t see any of myself in it. Because none of my actions — and maybe this is speaking to my age, because I’m 25 — but none of my actions have ever been [determined] by the search for a husband, or wondering if I was going to have a family someday, or wanting to live in a really great house, or thinking it would be really great to have a diamond. There are just certain drives, and I think that those things may be representative of a desire for love or something else. I’m sure those writers would not appreciate me distilling their thesis down to the search for a diamond, but there’s a kind of female character that doesn’t make sense to me.