October 9th - Gashadokuro (がしゃどくろ)

Gashadokuro are gigantic skeletons said to be made up of the bones of people who have starved to death, have been wronged, or were not given proper respect and a proper burial. This youkai exacts its revenge on living humans by eating them and then using their bones to make itself larger. The approach of a gashadokuro can only be detected by very subtle signs, such as a slight burning in your eyes or a humming in your ears. When you hear the humming in your ears signaling its approach, you must listen very carefully, because some say that noise is made by voices whispering the location of a buried skull. If you manage to find this skull and destroy it, the gashadokuro will be destroyed as well.

The artwork above depicts a popular legend about this youkai. The warrior Taira no Masakado was killed for staging a coup against the ruling Fujiwara clan. As a warning to other potential rebels the skull was placed on display, where it would laugh or moan at passersby. It soon disappeared from the spot. After this, Taira no Masakado’s daughter manages to summon a gashasdokuro, hoping to kill the entire Fujiwara clan in revenge.

(via duckhop)